Cooking with Coconut oil

I have been reading a lot about coconut oil and its benefits and I recently tried replacing it with my regular cooking oil, and I must say, it was great. The food was as delicious as before but felt so much lighter and the digestion was great too. I would recommend all of you to try using coconut oil as your cooking oil, at least for a week, and see the difference for yourself.

cooking with coconut oil

As a matter of fact, there are many researches that prove the coconut oil is actually the only one that you should be cooking with, since it does not oxidize when heated. Coconut oil helps you lose weight, prevent cardiovascular disease and thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism, which is so widespread today, especially among women. Coconut is virtually the only food that contains short-chain fatty acid, which unlike other fats, do not need pancreatic enzymes or bile for digestion, making it ideal for the people who have their gallbladder removed or have difficulty digesting fats. It is also great for people who have digestive or liver problems. If you didnt know, in hospitals the short-chain fatty acid is usually incorporated in patients who require a special diet. Besides, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is famous for its antiviral properties.

I would be discussing more about different benefits of coconut oil in future posts, but for now, I would suggest all of you to try using coconut oil, and let me know how you felt.

Happy cooking guys!


Benefits of Drinking water from Copper Pots

Health Benefits of Copper enriched water

In the world of RO and UV water purifiers using copper vessels to get rid of the germs seems uncanny. But research has proved that overnight storage kills almost all kinds of germs. When water is stored in a copper ware the copper slowly dissolves in water. This is known as oligodynamic effect in scientific language. Copper when it dissolves increases the pH of water slightly. It will kill most of the germs. Being a good conductor copper also keeps water cool.

Copper is also required as an element in our body. Food products like whole wheat, beans, green vegetables and honey contain copper. However with  copper ware ( Copper Jug), just store the water overnight once. 2 Liters of water stored for 16 hours takes care of around 50% of daily copper requirements of body. So change to the Copper Jug today. Enjoy the Royal feeling with added health benefits. The copper also has unique property of removing plaque from veins and arteries. It also breaks down harmful fats, which helps the heart to be healthy.

The ice catcher feature will keep the ice cubes inside while pouring out water.  Some care should be taken to keep the shine of copper utensils intact.Discoloration of copper vessels is a major problem. Wash with lemon and salt and the copper vessels will look new always with no chances of dark spots. Remember to clean the copper vessel daily before filling it with water and enjoy the heath benefits with style.

How to Pick the Best Hand Blender

When cooking, the last thing that we want is to grab a piece of kitchen equipment that does not work. It can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of preparing a meal and have it fall apart, especially over something as small as a blender. Hehe. I specifically said blender, because mine stopped working in the middle of the recipe  😦

You will learn how to pick the best hand blender for your needs by reading this article, which I have carefully crafted, so that you don’t have to go through what I went through…..

Cost of Blenders

Most people think that the more you pay, the better quality a piece of kitchen equipment will be. This is definitely not true. Unless you have a limit on what you would like to spend, price should be the last thing you take into consideration when shopping for one. The cost ranges from ten dollars and up.

Read Reviews

In today’s age, we rely on reviews left by other users of the products that we are interested in. This is only half reliable. People are hired to write product reviews. The company will then display these reviews on their sites. It is better to find a genuine review site, and then find reviews on the product. There you will be able to find out more of what is the best hand blender. Only trust a site that has mixed reviews, and then form your own opinion.

Picking it out

Blenders that are made from different materials have different problems. Glass is better than plastic. Plastic retains odors and scratches very easily. A pitcher that has the capabilities of holding 40+ ounces is best. This will open possibilities of what you prepare.

Make sure that the lid is tight-fitting. No one wants a complete mess in the while they are busy cooking. With this in mind, also make sure that the base is weighted and locks in place. If it is not, then you will still end up with a huge mess.

hand blender

What to Use it on

Hand blenders are normally better with liquids. There are a lot of mothers that have started making their own baby food. It is healthier and cheaper doing it with a blender. The best hand blender will be able to take on this task.

There are a lot of hand blender users that also use them to make smoothies. There are many “health nuts” that like to make their own health shake. If you want to go another route, you can make an ice cream shake. Regardless of what you want to use it for, it is extremely versatile and ultimately it will help you in the kitchen.

Future Technology in the Kitchen

Future kitchen is going to be very different from the current kitchen. Artificial intelligence will take over and food will be cooked automatically. It lead to loss of taste. I don’t think so.

Our kitchens tend to be the hub of our homes, the information center, communication center and the place all adults gravitate to at a party. Fridges have become message boards, photo and picture galleries, and our appointment scheduler. Today the iPad or tablet is taking over most of these jobs. Incorporating current tech into the kitchen is a matter of choice but can add a versatility that bits of notepaper do not have. I have been told they can even work as a baby monitor! You can buy gizmos to attach your tablet to the fridge or protect it from cooking splashes, sticky fingers etc, excellent for when the children want to bake.

I personally like the apps. I follow many recipe sites and have my favourites on these sites, the ease of just opening the site and going to what I want is great. I still enjoy my cookbooks but I can just as easily lose hours surfing all the recipe sites. On the plus side with a tablet I can save the recipes I like for future use. So much easier than trying to remember which cookery book a recipe is in. Try looking through some of these 50 fantastic food and cooking apps.  Another bonus of apps over cookery books, most of them are free, you get up to date recipes and videos of  ‘How To’ without incurring any payment – except of course for the initial cost of your tablet.

Bundt Cake and Bundt Pans

I do not know how much of my love for bundt cakes come from the fact that I absolutely love bundt pans. There is something about a bundt pan that makes baking so much more fun and so much more adventurous. I got my first bundt pan as a gift- and I absolutely loathed it (but I am certainly gonna blame that on the pan). But then, I decided to invest a sizable amount of money on redesigning my kitchen and purchasing new kitchenware, when I came across a bundt pan that almost everybody was raving about. I decided to buy it, and I can assure you, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Bundt Pan

Bundt cakes are absolutely amazing, and there are many variations you could try making. A good bundt pan will make you feel like you are just baking a regular old cake, but the result is so much better, as well. But of course, you have to make sure that you go through reviews and buy the right pan- or else it will be completely pointless. I would suggest that you invest in a good Nordicware pan- it is worth every single cent. Do look for other types, if you don’t find one you don’t like in Nordicware, but do stay away from the silicone ones!

Recipe Apps replacing books?

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner receipe and foor organiser app for your phone Are you like me and lose hours reading recipes? I enjoy my books but the internet and phone apps of my favourite recipe sites have opened up my perusal times. With my phone I can read on the way to work, in my break, whenever really. I have a couple of my favourite sites on apps in my phone and that is great when I am planning meals and organising what I need to buy in. My favourite of the moment is Allrecipes, its app is called DinnerSpinner and it’s really easy and fun to use and actually very useful. I also like the favourite option so I can quickly find my most popular recipes it also has a option to search by dietary need, ingredients or even cooking time, so if I am late on way home I can find a meal with the ingredients I know I have in the time I want to spend cooking..Great eh? Better than scratching my head while looking in the fridge or freezer wondering what to make.
Now like most modern cooks I like to prepare healthy and satisfying meals and one site I am currently enjoying is, the world’s Healthiest Foods website; this is a comprehensive site with loads of information about how’s and whys of eating healthily as well as recipes. The site is owned by George Mateljan Foundation and is a nonprofit organisation and they say they are,”… a new force for change to help make a healthier you and a healthier world.” Don’t let the picture put you off reading the information…I have certainly found them interesting especially their discussion on digestion. I recommend you go have a look when you have time, allow yourself at least an hour as it will hold your attention.

the world's healthiest food website, non profit organisation

Essential – Coffee Machine

Well Christmas month is upon us, winter weather is here and shopping gets frenetic. Fortunately I am organised and a lot of my shopping has been online. Just a few bits and bats to get. I don’t know about anyone else but I could not live without my coffee machine and this week my old friend gave up the ghost and was consigned to the coffee pot graveyard…so so sad! So new one it had to be. I did a little bit of researching online as well as chatting to some of my barista mates and decided to get the Nespresso M190 by Magimix. Took a chunk off my Christmas savings but can’t live without my coffee. It is one of the great pleasures in my life – a good cup of coffee. I like my day to start with a latte, mid morning is expresso time and lunch is whatever is special at our favouorite coffee shop, I love to try new flavours – currently its a ginger shot in my latte, lovely. Evenings I like a cafe mocha mmmm whats your preferences? Searching for my machine I stumbled very happily onto a site called cosy coffee shops, a little gem, go visit and see for yourselfJoe and The juice 2 shot lattes.

Talking of money, well after coffee that is the most talked about subject with me and my friends!!  I was talking about how much the nespresso had cost and she told me how she could earn money online with Ferratum loans, its all about being an affiliate. Thought I might take a look at the idea see what is out there, nothing to lose and everything to gain, wouldn’t mind replacing money spent on the nespresso!

Bits and Bobs

xmas app for android my must have for xmas planning

A lot of the xmas apps are out now helping you to choose your wine, your menu, baking xmas gifts.  I wouldnt be without my xmas organiser used one last year and loved it!! The choice is a bit overwhelming though, one fun list of xmas apps can be found here.  Another site I found had top chefs listing their kitchen must haves, interesting but some I found a bit odd, what do you think? Don’t forget to look on Pinterest Boards and even put your own up so that you get the kitchen gift you really want.

I went to buy my pet food this week and the shop had been refurbished, only a small space so the wall mounted dispensers for the dog and cat food where a great idea. So much so I have pinched the idea for my kitchen. I am struggling for space and thought these would be ideal for dispensing pasta, beans, coffeebeans. Couldn’t wait for them to be picked up as a present idea or not,  so I ordered them from hopefully they will arrive this week. Another thing I have always had in my kitchen is a wooden spoon, goes back to my days learning to bake with my grandma. Despite all my silicone and stainless steel tools I still love a wooden spoon. I have some I bought in Africa and others in Istanbul. Some are carved some are plain but whenever I go to stir my pots they are normally the ones I pick out first. In fact it was on a flight to Istanbul that I found this excellent article on wooden spoons and their place in a modern kitchen, I like it when I find articles that agree with me, don’t you?

wall mounted kitchen dispensers fantastic space saving ideabeautiful hand crafted wooden spoons for the modern kitchen



A kitchen face-lift

Beautiful Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen
Kitchens tend to grow like a tree, branches in every direction. When you have been in your home for a while or you have combined two homes you can yourself with a surfeit of equipment and spare parts that you really don’t need but can not bear to part with.
Mine is my grandmother rolling pin. Its thick, solid wood. Rolls out perfect pastry, crushes nuts, smashes cornflakes and gave me a sense of safety when I lived alone- you would not like to hit with it!! No way would I part with it but my kitchen really needed an overhaul and face-lift.

Giving a face-lift to the kitchen is challenging and should be managed professionally.

Sous Vide Comeback

I’m a huge fan of fresh ingredients and slow cooking. So, it’s no wonder that I’m glad that sous vide style of cooking has become popular in certain circles. Sous vide is a form of cooking where the ingredients are put in vacuum sealed bags and then immersed in water till they become fully cooked. This form of cooking retains the food’s taste and all the necessary nutrients. This form of cooking is considered healthier because you are likely to get a lot more nutrition from the food when you cook this way.


Slow cooking makes both meat and vegetables taste incredibly good, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on the taste of the food. If you want to try sous vide cooking at home, you need to have the right vacuum bags and they are easy to find. In order to make sure that the food is cooked fine, make sure you buy good vacuum bags. The food will also taste better if you use fresh meat and vegetables when cooking in this manner. Make sure that the ingredients are kept in the fridge before you place them in the vacuum bags, and unseal the bag immediately after you take it out of the bath.

There are tonnes of sous vide cooking recipes on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong