Bits and Bobs

xmas app for android my must have for xmas planning

A lot of the xmas apps are out now helping you to choose your wine, your menu, baking xmas gifts.  I wouldnt be without my xmas organiser used one last year and loved it!! The choice is a bit overwhelming though, one fun list of xmas apps can be found here.  Another site I found had top chefs listing their kitchen must haves, interesting but some I found a bit odd, what do you think? Don’t forget to look on Pinterest Boards and even put your own up so that you get the kitchen gift you really want.

I went to buy my pet food this week and the shop had been refurbished, only a small space so the wall mounted dispensers for the dog and cat food where a great idea. So much so I have pinched the idea for my kitchen. I am struggling for space and thought these would be ideal for dispensing pasta, beans, coffeebeans. Couldn’t wait for them to be picked up as a present idea or not,  so I ordered them from hopefully they will arrive this week. Another thing I have always had in my kitchen is a wooden spoon, goes back to my days learning to bake with my grandma. Despite all my silicone and stainless steel tools I still love a wooden spoon. I have some I bought in Africa and others in Istanbul. Some are carved some are plain but whenever I go to stir my pots they are normally the ones I pick out first. In fact it was on a flight to Istanbul that I found this excellent article on wooden spoons and their place in a modern kitchen, I like it when I find articles that agree with me, don’t you?

wall mounted kitchen dispensers fantastic space saving ideabeautiful hand crafted wooden spoons for the modern kitchen