Benefits of Drinking water from Copper Pots

Health Benefits of Copper enriched water

In the world of RO and UV water purifiers using copper vessels to get rid of the germs seems uncanny. But research has proved that overnight storage kills almost all kinds of germs. When water is stored in a copper ware the copper slowly dissolves in water. This is known as oligodynamic effect in scientific language. Copper when it dissolves increases the pH of water slightly. It will kill most of the germs. Being a good conductor copper also keeps water cool.

Copper is also required as an element in our body. Food products like whole wheat, beans, green vegetables and honey contain copper. However with  copper ware ( Copper Jug), just store the water overnight once. 2 Liters of water stored for 16 hours takes care of around 50% of daily copper requirements of body. So change to the Copper Jug today. Enjoy the Royal feeling with added health benefits. The copper also has unique property of removing plaque from veins and arteries. It also breaks down harmful fats, which helps the heart to be healthy.

The ice catcher feature will keep the ice cubes inside while pouring out water.  Some care should be taken to keep the shine of copper utensils intact.Discoloration of copper vessels is a major problem. Wash with lemon and salt and the copper vessels will look new always with no chances of dark spots. Remember to clean the copper vessel daily before filling it with water and enjoy the heath benefits with style.