Future Technology in the Kitchen

Future kitchen is going to be very different from the current kitchen. Artificial intelligence will take over and food will be cooked automatically. It lead to loss of taste. I don’t think so.

Our kitchens tend to be the hub of our homes, the information center, communication center and the place all adults gravitate to at a party. Fridges have become message boards, photo and picture galleries, and our appointment scheduler. Today the iPad or tablet is taking over most of these jobs. Incorporating current tech into the kitchen is a matter of choice but can add a versatility that bits of notepaper do not have. I have been told they can even work as a baby monitor! You can buy gizmos to attach your tablet to the fridge or protect it from cooking splashes, sticky fingers etc, excellent for when the children want to bake.

I personally like the apps. I follow many recipe sites and have my favourites on these sites, the ease of just opening the site and going to what I want is great. I still enjoy my cookbooks but I can just as easily lose hours surfing all the recipe sites. On the plus side with a tablet I can save the recipes I like for future use. So much easier than trying to remember which cookery book a recipe is in. Try looking through some of these 50 fantastic food and cooking apps.  Another bonus of apps over cookery books, most of them are free, you get up to date recipes and videos of  ‘How To’ without incurring any payment – except of course for the initial cost of your tablet.


A kitchen face-lift

Beautiful Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen



Kitchens tend to grow like a tree, branches in every direction. When you have been in your home for a while or you have combined two homes you can yourself with a surfeit of equipment and spare parts that you really don’t need but can not bear to part with.
Mine is my grandmother rolling pin. Its thick, solid wood. Rolls out perfect pastry, crushes nuts, smashes cornflakes and gave me a sense of safety when I lived alone- you would not like to hit with it!! No way would I part with it but my kitchen really needed an overhaul and face-lift.

Giving a face-lift to the kitchen is challenging and should be managed professionally.