How to Pick the Best Hand Blender

When cooking, the last thing that we want is to grab a piece of kitchen equipment that does not work. It can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of preparing a meal and have it fall apart, especially over something as small as a blender. Hehe. I specifically said blender, because mine stopped working in the middle of the recipe  😦

You will learn how to pick the best hand blender for your needs by reading this article, which I have carefully crafted, so that you don’t have to go through what I went through…..

Cost of Blenders

Most people think that the more you pay, the better quality a piece of kitchen equipment will be. This is definitely not true. Unless you have a limit on what you would like to spend, price should be the last thing you take into consideration when shopping for one. The cost ranges from ten dollars and up.

Read Reviews

In today’s age, we rely on reviews left by other users of the products that we are interested in. This is only half reliable. People are hired to write product reviews. The company will then display these reviews on their sites. It is better to find a genuine review site, and then find reviews on the product. There you will be able to find out more of what is the best hand blender. Only trust a site that has mixed reviews, and then form your own opinion.

Picking it out

Blenders that are made from different materials have different problems. Glass is better than plastic. Plastic retains odors and scratches very easily. A pitcher that has the capabilities of holding 40+ ounces is best. This will open possibilities of what you prepare.

Make sure that the lid is tight-fitting. No one wants a complete mess in the while they are busy cooking. With this in mind, also make sure that the base is weighted and locks in place. If it is not, then you will still end up with a huge mess.

hand blender

What to Use it on

Hand blenders are normally better with liquids. There are a lot of mothers that have started making their own baby food. It is healthier and cheaper doing it with a blender. The best hand blender will be able to take on this task.

There are a lot of hand blender users that also use them to make smoothies. There are many “health nuts” that like to make their own health shake. If you want to go another route, you can make an ice cream shake. Regardless of what you want to use it for, it is extremely versatile and ultimately it will help you in the kitchen.


Sous Vide Comeback

I’m a huge fan of fresh ingredients and slow cooking. So, it’s no wonder that I’m glad that sous vide style of cooking has become popular in certain circles. Sous vide is a form of cooking where the ingredients are put in vacuum sealed bags and then immersed in water till they become fully cooked. This form of cooking retains the food’s taste and all the necessary nutrients. This form of cooking is considered healthier because you are likely to get a lot more nutrition from the food when you cook this way.


Slow cooking makes both meat and vegetables taste incredibly good, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on the taste of the food. If you want to try sous vide cooking at home, you need to have the right vacuum bags and they are easy to find. In order to make sure that the food is cooked fine, make sure you buy good vacuum bags. The food will also taste better if you use fresh meat and vegetables when cooking in this manner. Make sure that the ingredients are kept in the fridge before you place them in the vacuum bags, and unseal the bag immediately after you take it out of the bath.

There are tonnes of sous vide cooking recipes on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong