Recipe Apps replacing books?

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner receipe and foor organiser app for your phone Are you like me and lose hours reading recipes? I enjoy my books but the internet and phone apps of my favourite recipe sites have opened up my perusal times. With my phone I can read on the way to work, in my break, whenever really. I have a couple of my favourite sites on apps in my phone and that is great when I am planning meals and organising what I need to buy in. My favourite of the moment is Allrecipes, its app is called DinnerSpinner and it’s really easy and fun to use and actually very useful. I also like the favourite option so I can quickly find my most popular recipes it also has a option to search by dietary need, ingredients or even cooking time, so if I am late on way home I can find a meal with the ingredients I know I have in the time I want to spend cooking..Great eh? Better than scratching my head while looking in the fridge or freezer wondering what to make.
Now like most modern cooks I like to prepare healthy and satisfying meals and one site I am currently enjoying is, the world’s Healthiest Foods website; this is a comprehensive site with loads of information about how’s and whys of eating healthily as well as recipes. The site is owned by George Mateljan Foundation and is a nonprofit organisation and they say they are,”… a new force for change to help make a healthier you and a healthier world.” Don’t let the picture put you off reading the information…I have certainly found them interesting especially their discussion on digestion. I recommend you go have a look when you have time, allow yourself at least an hour as it will hold your attention.

the world's healthiest food website, non profit organisation